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I probably don’t have to tell those of you who are unemployed and actively networking along with your job hunting how much work all of this is and how frustrating it is to keep putting yourself out there day after day. Many days I am very weary of the process and would like to run away. When I hear the numbers about new jobless and total jobless, I wonder how many of those that have been out of work for a while are no longer looking, depression having won. Just yesterday I heard about a woman I met about four months ago who is in therapy because she is so depressed about not finding a job.

I know someone else who is struggling to overcome the self-esteem bruising that occurs with job loss; how demoralized one feels, sometimes to the point of immobility and how very dangerous that is to moving forward.

While I have my moments of frustration and depression, I have been very fortunate to have a good support system that extends beyond my wonderful husband and family:

A dear friend is to be in Dover and wants to take me to lunch at The Barn. I’m very excited about the prospect of catching up, hanging out, being in a different environment, and grateful for the blessing of that friend in my life. Another dear friend who blesses my life regularly sent me a lovely note of encouragement and a gift card for our favorite ice cream stand — Dover Delite. Yum!

If you know someone who is out of work (and I daresay there are probably very few of you reading this who are either not working yourself or know someone in that boat), take a minute to shoot an email, make a phone call, send a card saying that you are thinking about, praying for, wishing well, that individual …

It’ll make a big difference for both of you.


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Having been as pro-active as I was for a recent job application (the one I mentioned on-air and in an earlier blog), I was very disappointed to find out I was not selected. I had contacted someone I had worked with at the organization to put in a good word for me. I had spoken to another person who remembered me at the organization. I had hand-carried my resume and letter and had spoken directly to the president about the particular position as he had mentioned the program at a breakfast I had attended. Gee, what more could I do?

I was called for an interview. I think I presented myself well. I showed lots of enthusiasm for the position and how I could benefit the organization. I wrote a thank you note to each and every person on the committee. I contacted other folks in hopes that they knew some of the people with whom I had interviewed and might be able to put in a good word. But it was not to be.

Disappointed? YES as I really thought this was “the one.” It was a part-time job with no benefits but sounded like a good fit.

I did receive not only a letter from human resources advising me that someone else had been selected but also an email from the head of the interview committee indicating that I had interviewed well. Funny, though it was a rejection, I still feel affirmed by the organization.

Maybe there’s something else here for the future. Maybe not, but hope continues to spring eternal. I just wish it would blossom.

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