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Here I sit on a gorgeous Monday holiday after a beautiful weekend; and tomorrow I go back to work.

Yup, unlike 2008 and 2009, Labor Day 2010 includes me! I’ve finished the first five days of employment in my 80% position as Technologist at Shapleigh School where I worked before.

It’s been a week of reconnecting with staff, moving equipment (with the bruises to prove it), checking inventories, updating databases, checking passwords and user IDs, getting ready for the first wave of electronic testing, making sure there are laptops for the kids who registered the last few weeks, and figuring out my schedule. I’ve gotten lots of hugs and “glad you’re backs” along the way.

I’ve shed some tears of joy at not only being back to work but also returning to a building full of terrific kids and people I respect.

Life’s always been good, but right now it’s even better.


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