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Each week when Seacoast Peers for Careers meets I ask the participants to share a blessing for the week – something good that happened. These are especially meaningful when they occur BECAUSE of unemployment. My blessing last week was very simple: I had exact change, no more, no less.

Although the air was quite cool, I had the sunroof open on my car while driving from an appointment to the weekly meeting of Seacoast Peers for Careers. It was warm and sunny enough in the car that stopping by my favorite ice cream stand seemed like a good idea.

I pulled in to Dover Delite thinking about which flavor of Shain’s of Maine ice cream I was going to get – chocolate, chocolate oreo, or my latest discovery, java crunch. When I checked my wallet, however, I had two singles, one dime, and nine pennies – 21 cents short of the $2.40 needed for a kiddie cup.


I looked in the pocket of my purse, the glove compartment, the token holder, all to no avail.

Darn again.

I went back to my purse and fished around in the bottom, under the sunglasses, the tissues, and the Chapstick. What did I feel? I pulled out some change – 2 dimes and 1 penny. Golden!

Two singles, 3 dimes, 10 pennies. I had exactly enough! Thank you, God! (Talk about granting the desires of your heart!)

As I savored every bite, it was that much sweeter because of my “miracle.”

Once again, it’s the little things that count for so much.


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