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Here I sit on a gorgeous Monday holiday after a beautiful weekend; and tomorrow I go back to work.

Yup, unlike 2008 and 2009, Labor Day 2010 includes me! I’ve finished the first five days of employment in my 80% position as Technologist at Shapleigh School where I worked before.

It’s been a week of reconnecting with staff, moving equipment (with the bruises to prove it), checking inventories, updating databases, checking passwords and user IDs, getting ready for the first wave of electronic testing, making sure there are laptops for the kids who registered the last few weeks, and figuring out my schedule. I’ve gotten lots of hugs and “glad you’re backs” along the way.

I’ve shed some tears of joy at not only being back to work but also returning to a building full of terrific kids and people I respect.

Life’s always been good, but right now it’s even better.


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Gratitude is an attitude that hooks us up to our source of supply. And the more grateful you are, the closer you become to your maker, to the architect of the universe, to the spiritual core of your being. – Bob Proctor

My husband Bob went to check the Powerball number in Sunday’s paper. Lo and behold, whose face should greet him below the fold but mine — yet again. Fame is so yesterday. Yawn. Tee hee. Those of you who have been following my story know that I have been mentioned in a number of articles during the two years I’ve been out of work.

Seriously, along with a young man with a few years of teaching experience, I had been interviewed because of losing our jobs. According to the article, Laid-off area teachers scramble to find work, some 200 teachers had been laid off statewide this year with the southeastern and northern ends of New Hampshire the hardest hit. Fortunately, Lee Sims (the other teacher in the article) was able to quickly find a position at a local private school. Others, of course, are not so lucky.

Even more unfortunate will be the students who will bear the brunt of the loss of teachers and programs.

It was mentioned in the article that I am returning to work in my former school district. A position was created this spring for a K-12 Technology Integrator. Funding was sufficient for a 60% position that would deal with grades 7-12 to support the Maine Learning Technology Initiative one-to-one laptop program. Because I had the experience, education, and certification, I was offered the post.

While it has some components of my former job, it is not the same. Instead of responsibilities for integration, small group instruction, staff support, hardware and network for grades 6-8, I will be working with solely with teachers in two buildings facilitating technology use in their classrooms.

While I would not have turned down a full-time position, I have come to realize that part-time is a good thing at this point in my life. It allows the best of both worlds. I am working at something I enjoy. Yet, I’m hoping to be able to have some time with Bob when he’s not working and also continue doing empowerment group facilitation with Seacoast Peers for Careers.

Things have changed in two years, including me. There are new applications and new expectations. Some teachers I don’t know at all; some know me very well. That’s both good and bad. There’s a new superintendent with her own vision for the district.

What hasn’t changed is my enthusiasm for my craft and gratefulness for all these new blessings in my life.

It’s a new day and a new school year! Here we go!

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While January 1 may be the start of a new year and July 1 may be the start of many fiscal years, ever since I started kindergarten at 4 1/2 years of age Labor Day weekend has been the official end of summer. Old habits of beginning class the day after Labor Day die hard.

In 1982 when I went back to full-time high school teaching, I was offered my job in the middle of August with a promise that I would sign my contract after the opening day meetings the day after Labor Day. Eleven years later when that position was subject to a reduction in force (a RIF), August found me in the doldrums as no position had yet been found.

I found myself reminding God that while I didn’t “really” need a job till the day after Labor Day, He could hurry up any time He wanted to. So, what do you think happened? Although I made frequent visits to the lab in Kittery and started teaching classes the last week or so of August, because the school board met only every other week my appointment wasn’t accepted till the day after Labor Day. And God smiled and gave me a wink that all was right with my world.

A year ago this weekend found me very depressed indeed as I was not going back to school. After so many years of my life functioning around Labor Day, I felt completely abandoned. My life was not the same, and I was lost.

Fast forward to August 2009, and there was still no full-time job in my future. My cries were, “God, are you going to have me go through a second Labor Day with no place to be?”

As you know, last Tuesday I began my 8-hour a week position at UNH. While it’s not full-time, God did answer my on-going prayer. The day after Labor Day (literally) will find me in the classroom.

Happy New Year!

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