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I am one of teachers who tend to grade student work almost immediately. At the end of the semester, I’d often stay very late to get finals graded before I headed out. So it was unusual for me to bring my work home on May 6 and not begin grading. I decided I needed some decompression time and would do other things through the weekend.

Whether it was cleaning windows, relaxing, going for a walk, I don’t remember; but I knew the change was very much needed. If you read some earlier posts from 2010, you are aware that I desperately needed some restoration. Monday would come soon enough for me to begin the process.

Well, Monday came and so did chills and fever. I was OK in the morning, but somewhere around mid-day I got excessive chills, so much so that I couldn’t even take my shaking hands out from under the blankets. As evening came on, my temperature rose higher and higher, hitting about 102. Next morning, I felt fine. By mid-afternoon, the same thing happened. Despite a couple of trips to the doctor and numerous blood tests for Lyme Disease, Epstein-Barr, CMV, hepatitis, etc., and a chest x-ray, nothing specific was found except that I had evidence of a viral infection. The chills and fever went on for ten days. I got little work done and pretty much lived on oatmeal, fruit and cold cuts as I had no energy to do much else.

My primary care provider said that while the symptoms stopped, it might take me a couple of weeks or up to six months to feel 100% again. Right she was! Every day for the first few weeks after this episode, I would go along merrily doing whatever it was I was doing and, BAM, exhaustion would hit me. I’d end up sleeping for a couple of hours.

arborContinuing to improve, that does not happen every day now but pops up unexpectedly, like this morning. I got up and did some trim painting outside, came in, showered, and had breakfast. I was waiting for our landscaper, Norm of Fracassa Design Works, to come out and realized that after he left, I needed to take a nap, or I was not going to get through the day.

So, here I am, trying to get this post done before heading off to “la la” land. This is not how I planned to spend summer!

BTW, the grading that should have taken me about two or three days to do took almost two weeks.

Oh, the reason for the title? For many years, I have joked that “when the world finally comes to an end,” what will be left will be either an insect like the fly or roach or a virus. Based on my recent experience, my money’s on the virus.


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