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That’s how Tim Ashe entitled a recent discussion on the Seacoast Peers for Careers Group on LinkedIn as he announced his good news. I share his words, used with permission, and my comments posted there as well. Hopefully, there will be something you can take and apply to your own job search.

Tim and fellow alum Amy start their new positions March 1.

Tim AsheI have accepted a position to be the Sales Manager at the Laconia Citizen, which is part of Foster’s Daily Democrat. I will be responsible for the revenue generation of 5 sales people. This is a direct result of Liesl Malone and her Hidden Gems series in Seacoast Sunday. The Advertising Director at Foster’s saw the article and reached out to me. Since I have an advertising background and management experience, it seemed like a natural fit. I worked at Foster’s a long time ago for 2 years, so it feels like I’m going home.

I have already contacted Liesl to let her know how much I appreciate her featuring me in her series. What she does for those of us who are unemployed is invaluable. I think we have to keep in mind that, she too, is unemployed, yet she continues to try and give us a voice that can be heard. Thank you again Liesl for everything you have done and continue to do.

I also want to thank Diana Schuman for starting the group. Once I found out about Seacoast Peers for Careers, I attended every week. I found the group to be very comforting and extremely helpful in getting all my ducks in a row. This is a different job market than we have ever experienced before. I think groups like this are essential in helping people focus their energy in the right direction. I learned a great deal about the job search that I never knew before. Groups like this one don’t run themselves. They need people like you and me to participate in order to stay relevant. I hope to stay in touch to see how things are going for everyone. I will be watching for future landings. I will miss seeing everyone on *Wednesdays, but hope this is a sign of things turning around for everyone. Stay positive.

Best of luck to everyone, Tim Ashe

Thank you, Tim, for your kind words for Seacoast Peers for Careers and for me.

This winter season in our lives has resulted in many examples of “paying it forward.” Liesl’s twist on that concept allowed your generous spirit to be viewed by others and had a great result.

Each of the networking/empowerment groups that we have all attended has its own personality; but all of them are comprised of folks willing to share from their experience, their expertise, their knowledge – some of that being acts of paying it forward within themselves. We are the richer for the camaraderie that developed from our sharing and working together.

As you experienced recently, there is much “hoopin’ and hollerin’” at the good news of a landing. While there is, of course, sadness at no longer having the wisdom that you have brought to the table, the joy that we all feel for you is most earnest.

Vaya con Dios, my friend.

*Seacoast Peers for Careers meets Wednesday, 9:30-11 AM, St. John’s UMC, Dover, NH.


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Gosh, there was more exciting news at this week’s meeting of Seacoast Peers for Careers! AR, who had been offered a job last week, met with HR to discuss salary and benefits which ended up being better than expected. No negotiation was needed! And Tim, who had two interviews last week as a result of his Hidden Gems article, was offered a sales manager position at a branch of a company he had worked for early in his career. He told us, between smiles, that it felt like he was “coming home.” Both start March 1.

While there was much cheering, it is also bittersweet knowing that these two folks who have become dear to us are off on new adventures. And as much as we earnestly wished them ‘God speed,” there was a momentary sadness that we weren’t the ones sharing the good news. But such is the ebb and flow of life.

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I made the discovery yesterday that while I had added it to my Blog Roll, I had never included a post on the opportunity I had to be a Hidden Gem of the Seacoast back in December.

I became a Hidden Gem because of my connection to the Women’s Business Center as the columnist, Liesl Malone, had called them for suggestions. Nancy Blake, Lois Matheson, and Director Christine Davis are the enthusiastic team at WBC providing education, networking opportunities, and support for women entrepreneurs throughout New Hampshire. There’s always a warm welcome when visiting their offices. It was my visit there in November 2008 that introduced me to LinkedIn and started me on the road to multiple resume rewrites (with help from Kit Harrington Hayes along the way).

Freelance columnist and HR professional, Liesl Malone, is in the job market like many of us. As part of her desire to offer assistance to others, she writes a bi-weekly column for Seacoast Sunday. Her first article appeared last fall and included her rationale for starting the column.

As a human resources professional for the past 15 years, work force transitions, reducing experienced employees, outsourcing functions and eliminating jobs were part of my job function. HR staff is not exempt from reduction. In early spring, my position was relocated to Ohio. I chose not to go.

I created Hidden Gems after realizing many opportunities are also hidden and applying for jobs on the Internet meant an abyss of other competitors for one job. With unemployment nationwide at 10 percent, the pool is full, recruiting databases are maxed out. Many qualified, competent people are lost. Hidden Gems is an attempt to help promote local talent allowing them to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and abilities and go back to work!

As I meet with various networking groups at which we share our stories, it is rewarding to discover how many of us are including “giving back to the community” as part of their regular activity. I commend Liesl for taking a most unusual approach.

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